Welcome to Mortgage Litigation Services

We free foreclosure victims of the stress and fear of immediate eviction; Make their lives better by continuing to make our service better; Continue to be the best in foreclosure defense, and get better at being the best; Give our clients the best chance to defeat their foreclosures; Use our 9+ years of experience litigating 900+ cases to find innovative ways within the court’s rules to defeat foreclosure utilizing Westlaw’s legal resources (the same resources the largest law firms in the country use); Keep doing great things, and to maintain our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau; Educate our clients as to why they need to have complete control over their cases; See that every document and communication goes through them; and Assure our clients that what will never happen that has happened to non-clients, is finding out a consent order was entered consenting to eviction, or mislead to consent to the order like lawyers has done to their clients.